Apostate from Christianity to Islam in times of secularisation and terror

Dutch politician Mr Joram van Klaveren talks to me about his extraordinary journey from far-right Christianity to Islam.

Categories: Anti-Islam, Anti-Semitism, Apostasy, Bible, Blogging Theology Youtube, Christianity, Christology, Converts to Islam, Islam, Joram van Klaveren

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  1. From Islam hater to Islam lover.
    Who’s next?

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  2. Apostates travel in both directions as one can see on the Internet. Only Islam feels the need to threaten the wayward sheep of it’s flock. I wonder why?

    What is “far-right” Christianity? The church is a non-political entity in the NT.

    I guess the implication is that Islam must be on the lovey dovey “far-left” according to PW.


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