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  1. This is nothing but hate speech against Islam.

    Also, I cannot trust non-Muslim scholars when it comes about Islam which means that this quotation is nothing and meaningless to me.

    Obvioudly that scholar is not a scholar of hadith and he have not studied properly the life of Prophet Muhammad. That scholar does not know that there are authentic narrations, weak and fabricated narrations.

    Honestly, this scholar is a joke. I’ll show him what a honest scholar is once I graduate from high school.

  2. Maybe he doesn’t even believe God exist.

  3. Both of you, Sam and Alexanderabood, totally misread what Gregor Schoeler and A. Gorke were trying to say.

    Neither of them were denying the historicity of the Prophet.. They were saying that the theses that certain revisionist scholars, who claim that the isnads are unreliable as a whole, or who claim that the Prophet’s biography was a product of later times, or deny the historicity of the Prophet as a historical figure, MUST be considered disproven.. Basically he is saying that those who deny the historicity of the Prophet and his Seerah and the isnaads, are incorrect in their thinking.

    In no way, shape or form, were these two scholars denying the historicity of the Prophet.

    Also, Alexanderabood, when it comes to the historical critical method, used by modern day historians, the traditional methods of hadith criticism used by our ulama of the past, does not work that well. There are more factors to take into consideration, but that is a whole different discussion. I am still learning it myself.

  4. Isnads prove nothing.

    They could be a means of falsifying as equally a means of verifying. They are scientifically useless just like the hadiths that they purport to prove.

    There were obviously also no means of recording history in the 7th century.

  5. Applying the sciences of hadith, the Isnads are a critical, essential in verifying and preserving the truth of what has been conveyed in the Quranic Text & the sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

    Unfortunately and unlike the Greek gospels there are no isnads in the 1st century to verify the purported sayings or deeds of the historical Jesus, which ultimately makes them useless by your rationale lol…

    Here Jake, be cured of your ignorance and read this and learn something 🙂


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