Ustadh Adnan Rashid will be back on Blogging Theology on 20th Sept to discuss those indicators in the Qur’an (linguistic, historical) that he considers could NOT have been authored by a 7th century Arab.

Very exciting!

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  1. Clarification required from Mr Paul Williams.

    (1) Please could you confirm your status? Have you returned back to fold of Islam? Are you a Muslim?

    (2) Have changed your views that Adnan Rashid supported terrorism which you alleged in this blog in the past. You said he supported Faisal via a video clip. You were very adamant that it was Adnan’s voice. If not then why would you get Adnan onto your blog and YouTube channel.

    Apologies, you raised these matters in a public domain via this blog and they require public clarifications as a result.



    • I think, it’s highly unlikely that Adnan is not aware of what was said over here sometime ago. If he can agreed to come on this channel. Then we most certainly can move forward, no need for an explanation. No need to bring out the skeletons from the closet. Let’s move on.

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      • The question is what does Mr Paul Williams think and not Adnan Rashid.

        In order to move on there should be some clarity. The questions are straight forward and not scandalous nor skeleton digging whatsoever.


    • Abu Yaqeen – What relevance has your insignificant enquiry got to do with anything discussed in this space here?

      Haven’t you got anything more of significance to ask or do?

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      • Lol seriously @Purple Rain

        They are significant questions.

        Mr Paul Williams claimed to have left Islam publicly via social media. Thus, what is his status now? As some Muslim are promoting his video because they think he is a Muslim. Clarity is required.

        The Adnan Rashid question is straight forward either he holds his original position or he retracts it. Simple really.

        Can people like Purple Rain and Flash and others that join the thread respond to the questions or not add comments that are irrelevant and sidetracking.

        Leave the responding to whom they are directed Mr Paul Williams.

        So Mr Paul Williams…….


      • lol.. Abu Yaqeen read the title of the thread! your not paying attention as reflected by your silly sidetracking and irrelevant comments

        Moreover it’s totally irrelevant and none of your business what Paul’s status is!

        of course Paul can respond if he chooses

        but It’s sad that you persist on an issue that has no significance or relevance in this space, seriously you have nothing better to do or ask in here? …

        …. So Abu Yaqeen either contribute to what is relevant to the thread or go find something to do and be amused…. don’t be concerned about other peoples affairs or status of belief its totally irrelevant and sidetracking on your part


  2. What is the point of what he is claiming? That the Koran is a miracle or something similar?

    What history is he talking about, that is not plagiarized?

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    • I understand he will give examples of phenomena in the Qur’an (linguistic, historical, and so forth) that show how very unlikely it is that the Book could be authored by Muhammad.


      • I thought he was supposed to be illiterate anyway and the Quran was supposed to be the eternal words of Allah. Doesn’t leave much room for Mohammed to be the author does it?


  3. Abu Yaqeen it seems you’ve lost your mind and not making any sense at all neither paying any attention

    It does seem that you must be Adnan Raashid’s Sister or wife? lol..

    seriously and sadly you must be a very bored human being nothing to do with his time but to keep belaboring on an irrelevant issue that is none of your business, neither relevant to this thread lol….

    Now let’s try this again and stop flip flopping Abu Yaqeen and please focus and pay attention……

    this irrelevant issue that has nothing to do with the topic of this thread, are you grasping?

    whatever Paul thinks of AR, whatever the case, this is none of your or anyone’s business at all ….

    Abu Yaqeen, Paul can discuss this personal matter with AR, Paul may have already outside this thread and space…

    so Abu Yaqeen again– Let’s leave the irreverence nonsense that’s none of your or anyone’s business and leave out and go do something productive or contribute relevance to the topic of this thread shall we … 🙂

    Abu Yaqeen im cuious are you a ISIS fan?


  4. Abu Yaqeen – how or in what way will Paul’s answer contribute to the topic of this thread or personally help you in anyway?

    You have nothing to hide or lose with clarity and truth right? answer the question


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