Professor Abramson discusses the History of Jewish-Muslim Relations during Medieval Period

Henry Abramson has a PhD in History from the University of Toronto and has held visiting and post-doctoral positions at the universities of Cornell, Harvard, Oxford and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is Dean of Touro College in Brooklyn New York.

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  1. Islamic history hasn’t stopped Coptic girls getting kidnapped by Muslims.

  2. I hope you are well, Paul.

    I found a video of a genuine Muslim man converting to Christianity who gives his testimony. Some time ago he was attacked for his conversion and came on the news:
    Revelation TV presents – Nissar Hussain

    He is from Bradford.
    Could you interview him?

  3. I’d like Paul to follow up his video – The Genius of Dr Gary Miller – ( a Canadian Mathematician and former Christian Missionary) by interviewing him.

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