China’s Uighur Muslims: the truth behind the headlines

I talk to Professor Haiyun Ma about the history of Islam & Muslims in China. Haiyun Ma is a professor at Frostburg State University’s Department of History. He is also the president of Zhenghe Forum that focuses on China-Muslim world relations.

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  1. Paul,

    Although Uighur Muslims are not being all exterminated, their women have been subjected to forced sterilization so according to the UN definition, Uighurs are undergoing genocide.

    Genocide does not mean elimination of every person. Even elimination of part of the people is considered genocide.

    Please see

  2. The Hui Muslims are Chinese speaking Muslims (I think Mandarin). They are a different group from Uighur Muslims.

  3. Paul and for all,

    Study: Uyghur population policies could lead to 4.5 million lives lost by 2040

    We need to not downplay…if we accidentally downplayed by Chinese academics, then we need to correct the accidental misinformation…the accidental downplaying of an enormous injustice which makes injustice against Palestinian tiny in comparison on some aspects.

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