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  1. write me now: zikrsong@yahoo.com Hurry A] Salam Paul 1. welcome Grandmother of UK Muslims the 75 & 70 years old team of Allah.com Muhammad.com Mosque.com hear this http://www.Muhammmad.com/123.mp3
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    3.3 Give you hadith & Topic the 7500 in English draft and original Arabic
    3.4 exclusive unique Hadith roadmap with all electronic sources produced by servant of hadith (A.D.)
    3.5 Hadith mathematic chart of ruling any sanad or matn
    3.6 Ahmad ibn Hanbal cool finale in doc and excel
    3.7 all hadith in excel extracted from 75 volumes book called history of demuscus by Hafiz ibn asaker
    3.6 no such knowledge in any University or with any Ph.D.. only show off and assumption
    3.7 Anne Kahdija of bristol & AD: Free 300+ English shelf rar all what you need including Ahmad Deedat Izhar al Haq main reference
    alhamdulillah hurry before we pass away love it

  2. zikrsong@yahoo.com
    [8/17, 6:16 PM] Alan: Alhmadulillah i am very skillful in processing large scale docs
    Example Translating draft quran ,. Hadith, creed master docs into 108 Languages in few days
    [8/17, 6:36 PM] Alan: I am working on new bible release
    United Standard Edition (USE)

    1. Text – done
    2. All words – done in excel with and without alphabetical order
    3. All unique words about 15000
    done in excel with and without alphabetical order
    4. 70 words I need to edit in progress
    5. Your 3 pages in progress
    [8/17, 6:39 PM] Alan: Your 3 pages are
    150 lones
    one liner with one reference
    As corrective action

    6. I match yours with 150 lines of koran & Authentic Hadith

    [8/17, 6:40 PM] Alan: 7. Appendix of proposed corrects of verses
    [8/17, 6:44 PM] Alan: PS
    I give you Hadith finale document supposed to be done 1000 years ago. I give you master arabic & english draft
    [8/17, 6:45 PM] Alan: On the side I give you
    Master jurisprudence, creed and two best bio of prophet Muhammad. صلى الله عليه وسلم

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