Dr Bernard Randall and the moral bankruptcy of the CofE leadership

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UK boarding school turns over its chaplain to anti-terrorism authorities —  after he preached against school's LGBTQ policies - TheBlaze

I’ve been chewing over the latest failure of leadership to strike HMS Church of England and trying to find the right words to describe what I am seeing. You know you have a problem when the words you are juggling with include all of the following:

  • amoral
  • immoral
  • morally weak
  • morally bankrupt
  • unethical

The Rev Dr Bernard Randall was, until fairly recently, an employee of Trent College, Nottingham (“We believe in potential and we believe in excellence. At Trent College & The Elms, we’ll help you go further”). This is a fee-paying high school. Dr Randall took up a place as Chaplain in 2015 and left in December 2020 through redundancy. His crime? To deliver a sermon in which he told pupils that they did not need to accept LGBT ideology if they felt it went against their beliefs or the beliefs of the Church.

In 2019, Trent…

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