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  1. Disagree.
    The Quran says there is no compulsion in religion. Justice underlies all aspects of Islamic worldview and this Justice has mercy and compassion as its main ingredients. Therefore, tolerance is the very basis of Islam.
    In Islamic history—Non-Muslims were allowed their own laws/systems and could therefore follow their own ethico-moral principles without being coerced into adhering to Islamic “laws” (ethico-moral system)—-though many non-Muslims chose to go to Islamic courts instead of their own. —but it was their free-choice.

    The Prophet (pbuh) was insulted during his lifetime—Surah 111 and other instances that the Quran records, such as people calling him insane or possessed …etc. None of these people were killed for that.
    The Quran advises people not to transgress bounds—Defending the Prophet/Islam is good within bounds.
    The Quran also advises Muslims to use good speech when addressing others in arguments.

    Muslims are human beings and will make mistakes and not live upto the ideals set by the Quran. It happens—that is why we are on Earth—as a test. Compassionate and merciful people must simply keep reminding such brothers to keep to higher standards.

    • You just missed the point it made for us muslims , it was not ment for the reaction you gave

    • The post is for us ,among us who think islamic principles need to chang for present day situation. Its obligation for us to follow the rules and for non muslims its another topic al together

      • Perhaps u are right….maybe the word-choice is unfortunate….? A better choice might have been comparing hypocrisy with integrity.
        integrity = to give assent to sets of principles by thoughts and actions
        hypocrisy = to announce a set of principles but betray them in thoughts and actions.
        The state of or world lacks in one but is abundant in the other…..

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