Professor Ali Ataie of Zaytuna College in California will be a guest on Blogging Theology this coming Friday, 11th June.

I am thrilled to announce that Professor Ali Ataie of the Zaytuna College in California is now confirmed as a guest on Blogging Theology this coming Friday, 11th June. We haven’t set an agenda yet but one of the subjects I would like to discuss is the Quran’s view of the previous scriptures of the People of the Book (as they originally existed, and currently). Dr Ataie’s education: M.A., Biblical Studies, Graduate Theological Union; Ph.D. Islamic Biblical Hermeneutics, Graduate Theological Union.…

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  1. Hello Paul

    Can you please ask him what the best way is for someone to contact him to ask him questions? Ive tried to ask Zaytuna Institute in the past and they didnt do anything.

  2. “as they originally existed”

    Can you tell us where the extant manuscripts of “previous scriptures of the People of the Book as they originally existed” can be found?

    • The Dead Sea Scrolls are like nine centuries after the revelation of the Torah, dude.

      • Who said anything about the Dead Sea Scrolls, dude?

        According to Williams this guy is talking about the jewish and christian scriptures “as they originally existed”. Is it not reasonable to surmise that he must have access to a copy of these scriptures somewhere? Unless the guy is purporting to give us hard facts about something that ceased to exist thousands of years ago, lol.

        Or is it just a case of the usual speculation, hyped up with references to “unamimous scholarship”, based on the circular reasoning that “the original scriptures, that we don’t have any copies of, must have agreed with the Koran because the Koran tells us that they agreed with the Koran”?

        I guess Muslims are forced to concede that, from their point of view, the scriptures of the people of the book have been corrupted because they can’t find their prophet in them.

  3. I look forward to this. I really enjoy listening to Dr. Ataie. I think his approach to the Bible is never balanced as opposed to usual polemical slant Muslim apologists tend to have. His lecture on the crucifixion is amazing!

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