Blogging Theology exclusive: World-Class New Testament Scholar Professor Dale Allison on the historical Jesus

Dale C. Allison is an American New Testament scholar, historian of Early Christianity, and Christian theologian. He is currently the Richard J. Dearborn Professor of New Testament Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary and an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA). His latest book is The Resurrection of Jesus: Apologetics, Polemics.

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  1. Regarding Dale’s comment’s/question on what would Matthew’s view about Trinity be and gave 4 guess responses. I think a key point of distinct that needs to be made is …

    Who is actually responding to the Question? Matthew the disciple of Jesus, who supposedly compiled the Hewbrew/Aramaic sayings of Jesus? or

    the author of the Greek Canonical Gospel of Matthew?

    …. as we know they are very distinct and not the same person..

    I think in response to the trinity, Mathew the disciple of Jesus would reply with 1st response Dale gave, where as the Author of Greek Matthew could reply with any of the 4 responses Dale gave 🙂 making important distinction in who is responding to Dale’s question is a key point to note 🙂


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