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  1. I’m not sure he is mentally stable and I mean that in a serious way. We should probably be making dua for his mental health. And – agreed – no Muslim should be debating him and giving him a platform.


    • Not only he has mentally ill but also a coward hypocrite. Look at him when he was in San Diego with Sheikh Uthman, he doesn’t even have a ball to look at Sheikh’s eyes.
      He is a big mouth and lots of insult when behind his computer but when face to face with Sheikh Uthman, he is totally shut.
      What a coward hypocrite.

  2. I feel bad for Sam Shamoun, he is mentally unstable. What can I do except to pray for God Almighty To guide him to Islam.

    Poor soul.

    Also, I will make sure that every Muslim country will lash anyone that commits pedophilia and abolish permanently “child marriage” because I don’t like these false accusation being made against the Prophet of Mercy. He will have nothing against him after these changes will happen.

  3. Per your logic, no Muslim should follow your filthy satanic profit since he was a filthy-mouthed, women raping, women prostituting pedophile. Invite me to your live stream and prove me wrong. But we both know you are not man enough to do so, especially in light of your man lust.

    • Sam Scum,

      I wish people like you would not exist!

    • Go to San Diego again don’t talk too much behind your computer, let me see if your dog devil spirit can open his big mouth in front of Sheikh Uthman. Face to face don’t behave like your “Christian Princes”.

      • You know what I noticed?

        Sam Shamoun barks but doesn’t bite😅😅

        Also, he is a strong behind computer screen but outside of computer screen he is a coward.

        Also, if you want to take the donkey to river for drinking water and he doesn’t want too, better ignore him.

        So Sam Shamoun is a do key with certificate so just ignore him.