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  1. It would be very nice if the Wahhabi and Salafi terrorists returned to the real sunnah of the Prophet. And all the madhhabs and the Shiites and the Sunnis and the Sufis lived well and peacful together. And if that happened, the Hazara Shiite children would never have been killed.


  2. It’s absolutely not correct! Salafis can be Maliki and Shai’fi ..etc. The same with “Wahhabis” !
    Qadianis “Ahmadis”, Druz, Alawi are not considered Muslims. Druz don’t say that they are Muslims in the first place!

    Khalil Adnani is just an ism’aili who desperately wants to impose his own thoughts about the reality of Islam

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  3. Ironic how Quranist is under Sunni.


  4. This may be one of the most naive post in your blog and really shows the poor understanding of Islam


  5. And how is modern progressives exclusively in sunni??? all sects have people who do bidah(innovation)


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