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NEWS: I was reliably informed today that a police investigation has confirmed Hatun’s attacker at Speakers’ Corner was a CHRISTIAN (not a Muslim as previously reported).

The court case against the attacker has now been abandoned as Hatun no longer wants to pursue it.

I wonder why.

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  1. That’s just super bizarre! There goes that attempt at 15 minutes of fame…

  2. I wonder if apostate prophet and the father- basher Wood would tell that to their subscribers and apologized for making a video on it, more importantly Wood need to apologized for 🔥 bridges. We need to spread this info on YouTube.

  3. Can you provide evidences for that?

  4. For what it’s worth: Hatun’s attacker was identified as Algerian with photographic evidence to sustain the claim (see some photos here: ). Algeria is > 99% Muslim and < 0.5% Christian. The small minority of Christians who do live in Algeria are highly persecuted ( ). Even if Hatun's attacker was an Algeria Christian (very unlikely), the behavior displayed by the attacker is not at all consistent with how we would expect a persecuted minority to behave toward a member of their own religion speaking out against the religion that is responsible for their own persecution. Points worth considering.

    • So how do you explain the actions of the Jews in Palestine? I thought that the Jews have always been persecuted… according to your logic the so called persecution must be BS.

    • One could look at the article that you’ve linked to with similar skepticism to what has been shown here. The article says “The alleged assailant, who witnesses claimed to be of Algerian nationality”. It doesn’t provide any references or names either.

      Regardless which background this guy has, his crime has been condemned by Muslim speakers, and the Muslim community has distanced themselves from his action.

      Mohammed Hijab
      “Hatoon Gets Attacked in Speakers Corner”

      Adnan Rashid
      “Condemning Attack on Hatun – Adnan Rashid.”

      Ali Dawah and Smile2Jannah

      What more can you ask for?

      Muslims are clearly saying that they hate and condemn this action. But Islamophobes love it, because it gives them ammunition against Islam and Muslims. What can you do about a person who doesn’t care about the truth anyway.

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