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  1. Spectacular line up of guests! 👍

  2. Historical Christ theological Jesus is one of my favourite books as well!

    I’d highly recommend getting Benjamin D Sommer on as well if you can. His book “Bodies of God” is absolutely fascinating and I’d be interested to see how he contrasts with Rabbi Singer.

    • I’d also recommend getting Micheal Heiser if you can! His book unseen realm is one of the best I’ve read in the last decade

  3. Dale Allison is not ordained in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA), rather he is ordained in the Presbyterian Church USA, which is a liberal denomination, that approves of homosexuality and same sex marriage, etc.

    The PCA split from PCUSA in the 1970s, because they had become so liberal.

    Please learn the difference between PCUSA and PCA. (an understandable mistake by a Brit, but now you know)

    The OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian Church) was formed in the 1930s and had split from the liberal theologians at Princeton. Westminster Seminary was formed as a protest against the liberal tendencies at Princeton since that time. Princeton seminary used to be good, but not so much any more, being hijacked by liberal theology and anti-supernatural bias and now full of extreme feminism and LGBTQ agenda.

    Most of the theologians you keep using and over-flow with praise on, are in these kind of liberal denominations.

    • You are confusing the individual scholars with the denominations. At least they are thinking outside of the fundamentalist straightjacket you want to impose on the world. Dale Allison (whose work you seem not to have read) is quite open to the supernatural. But he has one significant advantage over you. He is honest about the Bible.

      • no, you put him in the wrong denomination.

        The other issue about scholars is related but it not an absolute “one to one” correspondence argument. The tendency of the liberal scholarship created divisions and separations and created new denominations that wanted to stay faithful to orthodox faith and conservative, believing scholarship.

    • no such thing as believing scholarship – just good scholarship and bad scholarship. You of course reject all scholarship that does not conform to extreme fundamentalist views.

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