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  1. Atheism and “God”—There was a study done some years ago—here in the East….but done by a “Western” organization. It asked if people believed in “God” and the overwhelming answer was “No”—but when the question was looked at—the term “God” used in the translation (of the question) used a term that referred to a Christian-centric “God”—therefore the answer would naturally be overwhelmingly “No” in a landscape in which Christianity is often a minority religion. If someone asked Malaysians if they believed in “Tuhan”—the Malaysian word for “God”—the answer would be mostly “No”—because for Malaysian Christians and Muslims they believe in “Allah”—which is also technically “God”. Biased definitions and translations can skew “research”. (…and communications)

    Christianity and Quran—It is wonderful to develop Common ground between us and our Christian brothers, particularly if this can become a force of good for all humanity. However, enthusiastic Christians might have a tendency to distort the Quran like they do with the Torah. This should not hinder our efforts to build bridges nor should it prevent Christians from (re-)interpreting the Quran as they see fit—but we Muslims also must keep in mind our own robust traditions, scholarships, and knowledge in our respectful interactions/communications with them?…..

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