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  1. Salaam.
    I have great respect and appreciation for your channel, and herein I have a request.

    Aquinas has been described by some Muslim thinkers as a ‘great’ man but I have been unable to find any information about him from the perspective of someone who isn’t Catholic. Can you shed any light on him and his work (for a non academic such as myself) as every video I see on him is from the Christian perspective?

    • I would like to leave a reply to you, if you would accept it. Quite coincidentally, part of that reply comes from my last article which I wanted put on my website but which (the website) seems to be defunct for some reason.
      So, if you want me to put the 4,000 plus word article here, I don’t mind. It would answer some of your questions no doubt as to ‘their’ attempts to describe the universe and religion in their image and likeness! That is how they hung themselves by their own hands and built a fortress of their type of thought into such philosophical mumbo-jumbo! In other words, it wasn’t the horse that pulled the cart but the cart that pulled the horse! That is also why the words of Jesus (pbh) are secondary or tertiary instead of the prime objective!

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