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  1. Good interview.

    However there’s no need for the definite article ‘the’ when saying Hoi Poloi. This triggers me.

  2. 1:23:52 :”I’m looking beyond the history to the theological principles involved”

    apparently it’s ok for Paul to do this to Jesus 2000 years apart but not for Jesus’s best friend John to do it.

    Your bias is showing.

  3. Interesting discussion. Thanks to PW for making it happen.

    So much food for thought. A few points off the top of my head.

    PW asks the question where does it say this or that in the OT. I would reply the OT does not say explicitly this or that as a prophecy but it expresses it symbolically in some cases. For example Jesus claimed Jonah as a prophecy of his death and resurrection.

    The idea that the disciples should have expected Jesus to knock on the door after three days seems silly to me. Weren’t they expecting the Son of Man to return in glory on the clouds with his angels and judge the world and restore the kingdom? Yes they should have believed in the resurrection but that was just a preliminary to his return as the glorious Son of Man as described in Daniel.

    It is of course completely natural for Jesus to be a Torah observant Jew but the message of the gospels is not that we have to follow Jesus by keeping the law and seek to justify ourselves through it in the same way as he did. As if the whole purpose of the life of Jesus was to remind us to keep the law and nothing else. If that was the case the Jews would not have sought his death.

    Jesus told us to believe in him to be saved. To put faith in him. This is the message of the gospels. Not keeping the law.

    According to PW the Kaaba is not idolatry. Whether or not that is the case this is obnoxious to a Jew or a Christian. According to PW it is just a focal point. My own view is that it was a pagan stone before Mohammed so he had to islamify it by claiming that Abraham built it. Bring Ishmael in as well and let him lay a few stones. Mohammed retained some pagan practices. Islam is a mixture of the religions that went before it. It had to be the last religion.

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