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  1. I guess making a picture of a man to be a blasphemous offence could be said to be an act of blasphemy from the biblical point of view. At the very least an act of idolatry from a biblical point of view.

    One religion’s blasphemy is another religion’s idolatry.

    It seems to follow that Islam could and would like to tag any negative portrayal of its prophet as an act of blasphemy and punish the perpetrator accordingly.

    This seems to be what is happening in Pakistan for example where Christians are languishing in jail for this offence.

  2. Hmm… free speech and tolerance ya…Can I speech in public freely “I LOVE HITLER, I LOVE ISIS, I LOVE KKK” ?

  3. “Anyone who blasphemes the name of the Lord is to be put to death. The entire assembly must stone them.”

    The name of the Lord is not Mohammed as far as I know.

    And the Lord here spoken of is not Allah, which just means “the God” in Arabic. To me that just means the god that some guy called Mohammed conjured up for himself.

    If I was a kuffar in Paul Williams Caliphate he would put baying for my blood no doubt for what I have just written.

    We seem to be going back to the dark ages.

    • Why are you still blind?

      If they stand tight with their slogan “free speech and tolerance” then let Muslims practice their religion freely in peace.


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