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  1. The following two articles subjects the Fourth Servant Song to a critical. in-depth analysis in which the Jewish interpretation of “Isaiah 53” is measured against a combination of the teachings of the Hebrew Bible and the historical record.

    The analysis employs a well-known and widely used methodology from the domain of research and discovery, the Scientific Method, which has been adapted and applied to the entire process of validation.

    In a subsequent essay, the Christian interpretation will be subjected to a similar process.

    1st article: http://thejewishhome.org/counter/Isa53JP.pdf

    Hypothesis: Israel is the servant in the Fourth Servant Song

    Conclusion: The servant in Isaiah’s Fourth Servant Song is (the righteous
    remnant of) Israel.

    2nd article: http://thejewishhome.org/counter/Isa53CP.pdf

    New Hypothesis: The Messiah is the servant in “Isaiah 53”

    Conclusion: The Christian interpretation of “Isaiah 53” is false, since neither the Messiah nor Jesus can be identified as the entity being referred to as “My servant”.

    Overall research summary

    Final Conclusion for Parts I & II: The Jewish interpretation of Isaiah’s Fourth Servant Song (“Isaiah 53”) that Israel is the identity of the entity being referred to as “My servant” is correct.

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