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  1. Greetings mr. Williams,

    I would like to ask you, what was the main argument which you were arguing yesterday in ur video? Because I haven’t understood it


  2. But according to the Uthman story the Koran is not one unchanged text which is what the Dawah people are claiming. It was redacted by Uthman to make it so.

    Also the oldest texts are not of the complete Koran. They are just fragments.

    Providential preservation of the text would not entail destroying any manuscripts in my view.


  3. I would even argue that the Qur’an was *too much* preserved:

    1) The word spellings (which have no effect on pronunciation) — which weren’t even something coming from revelation but simply the way the companions wrote the Qur’an in the presence of the Prophet — were preserved. Till this day, every published Qur’an must follow the Uthmanic spelling.

    2) Verse endings positions are considered to be something from revelation in which no personal opinion is allowed, they’re still preserved.

    3) The very way of reading letters is preserved in the science of Tajweed.

    4) …etc if Christians had even a 1/100th of all of this they would be satisfied with calling their books “authentically preserved”.

    And of course without mentioning the preservation of the authentic *meanings* of the Qur’an something that Christians can only dream of.


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