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  1. Hope! 🙂

  2. A man in his fifties ogling after a six year old girl indicates a serious predatory aberration which the young girl would need to be protected from with all the power that society can muster.

    • Oh please. The average age of Muhammad’s wives at the time of marriage was 30 years old.

    • Erasmus,

      Prophet did not marry a 6 year old and consummate the marriage at 9. This is proven to be contradicted by at least 10 other hadith.

      The only reason some Sunni scholars keep thinking it as such is since they virtually canonized Bukhari’s book a few centuries after Bukhari compiled and his compilation was by itself more than 200 years after the Prophet.

      Some Sunni scholars have an ego problem admitting that Bukhari made a mistake. So they are putting their ego above the Prophet (pbuh).

      Although I attend Sunni mosques and I don’t feel attending Shia mosques, such attachment to their ego over truth is troubling.

      Please see below….

      A Hadith Scholar Presents New Evidence that Aisha was Near 18 the Day of Her Marriage to the Prophet Muhammad | Hawramani.com

      • السلام علیکم

        It is refreshing to hear this from another Muslim.
        I have listened to Sheik Imran Hosein who says that if a Hadith, even if it be in Sahih Buhkhari, contradicts the Quran it is ipso facto fabricated. He says that only the Quran is 100% preserved and protected, the Ahadith literature is only relatively authentic.

      • JNB,

        Thank you for your refreshing comment to see how refreshing this is. Yes.

        Maurice Bucaille in his book The Bible, the Qur’an, and Science says that none of the
        many hundreds of verses of the Qur’an that deal with science are false – not one. IN
        fact, a large number actually anticipate 20th century discoveries! In contrast, Bucaille
        notes that, having examined Bukhari’s collection of ahadith, he found it to be riddled
        with errors.

        God gave us an intellect and commanded us in numerous verses to use our intellect so that we should use it!

        The reality is that only a small proportion of hadiths are verifiable by facts.

        It is disturbing when when multiple hadith of the subset of “verifiable” hadiths that deal with science are in fact false by any reasonable intellectual standard. To acknowledge this is to be a better follower of the Qur’an. If multiple hadith are false and not one Quranic verse is false, then hmmm, maybe God is trying to tell us something.

        But stubborn people like to remain stubborn. Hell can be stubborn too.

        Hadith are important…we must use it for rituals, etc. and it is not reasonable to assume that much of hadith considered is not to some extent coming from the Prophet…however, to say that the whole corpus of some 5 to 10 thousand or more hadith considered authentic by medievalogues to be revelation from God is imputing something to God without warrant and can be sinful and to let it overide the Qur’an’s spirit in anyway and to let it override the intellect when God commands us to use….well….

    • If that is Bad then Rebecca was 3yrs old when she married Isaac

    • He has a point. A child molester is a better word.

  3. …… Erasmus, you obviously didn’t watch and learn from Paul’s presentation that clearly clarifies the matter, …. had you watched it, you would have saved yourself from embarrassment, exposing yourself as a naive, ignorant misguided fool lol 🙂 .. but continue on with your ignorance and stupidity lol… you are entertaining lol

  4. lmao ‘not based on lust’ are you for real? dude straight up wanted to pork a nine year old and used his schizophrenic delusions to justify it.

    • Given that the Prophet(saw)’s marriage to Aisha(ra) was preceded by his experiencing ostracization, persecution, the losses of his uncle and wife, and a perilous migration from Mecca to Medina where new detractors started conspiring against him the moment of his arrival, the last thing on the Prophet’s mind would be lust.

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