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  1. Hi Paul,


    A few corrections – I think you meant Sasanian for the Persian empire concerned and antiquity (not “antique”). Also, can I gently recommend using “s” not “z” to pronounce Islam (not “Izlam”).
    While we are on the topic of re-evaluation, perhaps you might care to read Mohammed Omar Farooq’s 2011 book “Toward Our Reformation…” published by the IIIT for an eye-opening modern take on strategically related matters.

    I also noticed in a recent YouTube video you mentioned the incident of the massacre of Bani Qurayza when comparing Muhammad to Moses. It might pain you to know that the event is certainly a later fabrication. There are 3 (maybe 4 now) peer reviewed journal articles in the modern academic literature which it would be advisable to consult. Try googling “Banu Qurayza” and the following:
    Walid N. Arafat (1976)
    Kister Meier (1988)
    Muhammad Munir (2016) – this paper was published in the Islamabad Law Review, but is available via the SSRN.

    Fi Amanillah


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