Part 1: How to reconcile orthodox Christian theology with historical criticism.

Part 2: How to reconcile orthodox Christian theology with historical criticism: The Answer!

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  1. You are right that he contradicts his Christian faith, and therefore, IMO, is a hypocrite (same for Raymond Brown and James D. G. Dunn, who claim they believe in the Deity of Christ and Trinity – but they really don’t – they did not believe the virgin birth was real and historical, and don’t really admit these things to their audiences – typical of all liberal pastors and theologians for the past 100 or so years, but even worse for the past 60 years), but his solution is not the right the solution and he comes at the Bible with an anti-supernatural bias and a modern scholarship bias that rejects that all 9 writers of the 27 books of the NT are inspired by God and in harmony with one another.

    He should go all the way in honesty like Erhman did. As Geza Vermes wrote about Raymond Brown, he is “a scholar who wants to have his cake and eat it too” (enjoy the benefits of being paid as a minister, but really denying the very faith that the claim they are following.)

    You chose his comments only on passages that teach that there is some kind of hierarchy within the Trinity.
    All Trinitarians believe and teach that there is a hierarchy within the Trinity.

    What does Dale Martin do with John 1:1-5 and 1:14 and 5:17-18; 8:24; 8:56-58; 10:30; 20:28 ?

    What does Dale Martin do with the virgin birth narratives? – Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 1-2 ?

    What does Dale Martin do with Hebrews chapter 1, Colossians chapter 1, Philippians 2 ?

  2. Those are great questions. But here is even a greater question: What does Prof. Dale Martin do with Ken Temple?

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