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  1. In general the sound volume is too low on your videos.

    I prefer playback over the monitor loudspeakers and I can’t turn up the sound volume adequately on your videos.

  2. So let’s get this straight… With this incarnation they claim Jesus is God. God came in human form claiming to be God. This Christ is the ‘God’? And according to Corinthians the Head or God of God is God?

    (Brilliant video btw. Also the sound is fine from where I am).

  3. Can you join me for my Livestream or I join you for yours to discuss your use of Dunn in respect to Philippians 2:5-11? I am sure you won’t mind.

    • In reference to Phil 2:5-11, Hurtado, in response to Dunn, has a different perspective on this, which I think Hurtado may have more weight in support of his exegesis that leans towards an incarnation theology, also Ehrman has a detailed analysis of Phil as well on his Blog that’s worth checking out.

      But regardless, Phil text is another misguided, counterfeit post easter experience text insinuating a christology conjectured by professed followers of the Jesus that eventually evolved to the development of mythical incarnation christology and the worship of 3 distinct divine tri-gods that Sam the polytheist worships in vain 🙂

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