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  1. My favorite books are:

    1. Biography of Prophey by Ibn Kathir
    2. 300 Authenticated Miracles of the Prophet by Ibn Kathir
    3. Al Bidaayah wannihaayah by Ibn Kathir

  2. That’s interesting!

  3. Such a lovely video, I always like when others talk about books and make me interested in reading them, thanks a million times for these kind of videos Paul! Just added three of your mentioned books to my reading list: the Qur’an and secular mind, Gai Eaton’s book, and the George Eliot novel, all of them seem very interesting and I haven’t heard about them before!

  4. Dear Mr. Williams, do you have a platform where we could share our thoughts. As in a zoom podcast or a friendly online session? Or a group like whatsapp or twitter? I’m new in the journey of studying scriptures and I’m finding that my thoughts are strikingly similar to yours. I would love to learn from you on a regular basis!

    I was looking for a contact so I could email you but couldn’t find it anywhere so here’s my email: msami@uncc.edu

    I would love to meet you!


  5. Hi there, I’m only on twitter: @freemonotheist

  6. Paul,

    thanks for mentioning of Shabbir Akhtar….

    It looks profound…I read whatever I could that was provided by Amazon

    Here is an interesting book review of his latest book on St Paul.


  7. Here is an interesting book

    In Search of Ali ibn Abi Talib’s Codex

    by Seyfeddin Kara, and foreward by James Piscatori


    Book can be purchased at


    Expensive but worth it.

    Perhaps it can be found less expensive elsewhere.

  8. Paul Williams:
    On YouTube you recommended a book on early Christianity. It was written by 2 authors, one of whom was professor of patristics.
    What was the name of the book?

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