Why is there no “historical criticism” of the Qur’an as there is of the Bible?

Also, who do Muslims hesitate to “adapt” the Qur’an to the needs of the modern age?

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  1. there is actually


  2. Bible is mixed words of God and words of human
    Quran is words of God


    • https://corpuscoranicum.de
      Corpus Coranicum – Textdokumentation und historisch-kritischer Kommentar zum Koran

      Corpus Coranicum – Text documentation and historical-critical commentary on the Koran

      About the project
      “Based on the historical-critical indexing of text history, the project will produce a chronological-literary commentary using the database “Texte aus der Umwelt des Korans” (TUK)”
      “The close relationship of the Qur’an to numerous environmental texts, and even more so the Qur’anic use of argumentation strategies evident from these texts, makes us aware that the Qur’an – seen in its context of origin – can only be thought of as a text from late antiquity.” …


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