Absolutely based.

Many non-Muslims in the West would doubtless approve

A teenager who was lashed nearly 150 times collapsed during his punishment for raping a child in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province, where public caning is a common penalty for violating Islamic law.

The 19-year-old grimaced and cried out as a masked sharia officer on Thursday whipped his back with a rattan stick in the town of Idi Rayeuk in East Aceh.

He pleaded for the punishment to stop and was briefly treated by doctors before the flogging restarted.

He was sentenced to 146 lashes, a particularly high number reserved for the most serious crimes.

“The maximum sentence is meant to be a deterrent,” Ivan Nanjjar Alavi, an official from the East Aceh prosecutor’s office, told reporters.


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  1. Is Indonezia a Muslim country?

    If yes, this means that my prayer is about to be fulfilled! I really hope in short time I will see that all Muslim countries will lash one hundred times pedophiles, and I hope I’ll see all Musl countries to start executing one who commit an act of terror.

    I’m so happy to see this

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  2. I guess he raped a fellow Muslim. Otherwise we wouldn’t be reading about it here.


  3. “I guess he raped a fellow Muslim. Otherwise we wouldn’t be reading about it here.”

    It actually depends on who’s shouting instead of religion (Deuteronomy 22:23-24)


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