Change is the only constant.

As human beings we can easily get used to believing that the way we live is ‘normal’, thinking it will last forever and not expecting any major changes. Yet, when you look at history you’ll see that major changes happen all the time. Several of these came quite unexpectedly. Such is the condition of living in this world. Our societies are always vulnerable and nothing ever stays the same.

Who, except for a handful of visionaries, would have expected the rapid collapse of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany in the late eighties? And currently, Brexit with its likely disastrous effect on the UK, the covid19 pandemic of this year, and the now serious possibility of the world’s largest democracy descending into Christian-fascism?

There is nothing new about this. ‘It happens all the time.’ The Qur’an teaches us that this world is full of deception and that in the end everything perishes. God created this world in order to test souls. Therefore good, evil, chaos and injustice will always remain part of it. It’s the way we deal with the endless changes, tests and challenges which keep crossing our path, and the opportunity of growth this presents, which is what it is all about.

I have a vision that one day when I die and cross the threshold to the Hereafter I will look over my shoulder glancing at the world I am leaving behind for the last time, thinking, ‘Well, that was an interesting experience’, and then quickly moving on to a more peaceful and permanent place, insha’Allah.


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  1. “God created this world in order to test souls.”
    Sure, “God” has greatest respect for our worldly human concepts, lol.
    Things you understand are logic and science, what you can’t grasp is “God’s Will”. Yeah – “he” meant that too…

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