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  1. Can you please give the source?

    • Peace ,Paul I watch your videos all the time on Youtube,they are very informative The Qur’an is the Only Book which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad,and he obediently gave that Book (The Qur’an )to mankind.Although the above Hadith is true,I much rather make references to the Qur’an the book of Allah,many of the teachings in mainstream Islam taken from Hadith contradicts the Qur’an let me give you a few examples(1)Nowhere in the Qur’an says that Jesus was virgin born,rather it is clear that he had a human father go to Sura 6:84-87,verse 85 mentions Jesus and verse 87 speaks of “Some of their fathers”,please note in the previous verses no mention is made of any females,only males ,so they all had fathers and no exception is made to Jesus.Some Muslim make a big issue of Jesus being called the son of Mary,but he is not the only person in the Qur’an addressed as son of a woman,go to Sura 20:94 Moses is adressed by Aaron as son of my mother,that didn’t mean he was virgin born.What some Muslims fail to understand is that the verses in the Qur’an about Jesus’ birth is the time frame the verse following another verse may be months or even years from each other.I don’t have the space here to go into details.I will like to send you a couple of very interesting books,how could I do this?(2) There is no death penalty by stoning or any other means for Blasphemy,Apostasy,Adultery/Lewdness/Badmouthing Prophet Muhammad etc.(3)Nowhere in the Qur’an says that Jesus was taken up to heaven alive,the Qur’an says he is dead please read Sura 3:144 All the Prophets(Messengers) before Muhammad passed away(died) Sura 5:117 …but since Thou hast caused me(Jesus) to die,…(4)Nowhere in the Qur’an teaches the 2 nd coming of Jesus Sura43:61 in translations where Jesus is inserted in parenthesis,other translators inserted that this(divine writ),since Jesus is dead,he is awaiting a resurrection as all of humankind.There are so much more to discuss,but I will do that another time,in the meantime keep up the good work I am a Muslim who is obedient to Allah and His Messenger,I follow only what was revealed to that Messenger as he himself followed only what was revealed to him,nothing else.Read Sura10:5 Sura 6:155 Sura 7:203 Sura 4:60-64,Sura 33:2 Sura 38:29 Sura 43:43,68,69 and many more,Prophet Muhammad was given One Book The Qur’an and was told to deliver that One Book ,which he obediently did,there is no Book of Muhammad onlyThe Book Of Allah,thank you.

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