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  1. Greetings Paul. If you accept these prophecies and you consider the traditional positions of Islam to be true, then my question is: In what sense do you consider yourself a non-Muslim?

    • Good question. I don’t think he has an answer though. He leaves and embraces Islam like an on and off switch. 🙂

      • I do not understand, in what sense he has left Islam: Is it on the basis of self-perception alone?
        Or has he left Islam, on the basis of a specific transgression, which is known to be an act of disbelief requiring exist from Islam?

    • He won’t tell us why he left or renounce Islam, I think he doesn’t want to lose his Muslim commentators or much worse, he is scare what these muslims would do to him. If that’s the case, then he has every right to not open up about it . You can’t trust these people, They go mental. If you read the most muslims’ comments here you would have already know it by now how they abuse other people here. I think it’s better if we not push him anymore, he might get in trouble like hatun.
      Btw, I don’t like hatun, I’m not her fan or sympathiser.

    • That’s a complicated question.

  2. We are already in last hour, make your choice before your last breath leaves you!

    • What is the correct choice, according to your perspective?

      • Not according to me but according to God,

        According to God:
        – LGBTQ is not okay
        – Drink alcohol is not okay
        – Adultery is not okay
        – Gambling is not okay
        – etc.

        A lot of things according to God is not okay but okay according to human.

        – Do you believe in God?
        – Which God do you believe in?

      • Do you possess deductive proof and empirical evidence, for your truth-claim?

      • Steven: Do you possess deductive proof and empirical evidence, for your truth-claim

        Morality is not a measurable phenomenon.

      • @Steven

        You don’t answer my questions

  3. Greatings,

    Sir Williams, you have forgotten that terrorists are the rebels which Prophet Muhammad have strongly warned us, and he instructed every Muslim to fight against terrorism, because terrorists are enemies of Islam.

    That is why as Sunni Muslim, I will fight against ISIS and in the name of God, I will exterminate ISIS, because terrorosts are hypocritical Muslims

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