Homosexuality in Judaism.

I have just finished reading a book on the Talmud. Christians (and others) wrongly think religious Jews follow the ‘Old Testament’. In fact, they study the Talmud, a voluminous tome which incorporates the Oral Torah given to Moses and the Rabbinical commentary on it. This comment from a brilliant online library of Jewish texts (Sefaria) neatly summarises the orthodox Jewish understanding on the prohibition of homosexuality in the Oral and Written Torah.

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  1. In that case if I knew, me or my girlfriend was infertile/sterile/barren/unproductive that’s mean I can’t get marry.


  2. I guess the majic word is “potential” to procreate.

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    • Good point. Homosexuals can then claim that they are desiring the “potential” that their acts together would evolve, through evolutionary processes that they believe is “scientifically proven,” into pro-creational outcomes… In other words, the belief in evolution as fact can lead to them claiming that there is pro-creative “potential” in their sexual conduct now that they can allegedly “marry” one another, although only in a legal manner.


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