Here’s a forgotten & almost unknown story about Muslims helping Christians for the sake of humanity during The Great Hunger of 1847.

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    Here’s Macron displaying French ownership rights over Church of Saint Anne in Palestine, which was given to them by the Ottomans. As it was given by the Ottomans, this church is still considered French territory.

  2. Decolonisation of History | Last True Ottoman Sultan (1/3) | Dr Yaqub Ahmed

    Sultan Abdul Hamid II | The Last True Ottoman Sultan (2/3) | Dr Yaqub Ahmed

    Dr Yakoob Ahmed is a PhD graduate from SOAS, University of London. An Ottoman historian, he is currently teaching Islamic history at Istanbul University and was a visiting fellow at the Modern Turkish Studies Centre at Istanbul Şehir University. His research focuses are Muslim intellectual thought in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Islamic constitutionalism, identity, nationalism and collective memory construction.

  3. Sheikh Edebali’s advice to his disciple and son-in-law Osman Ghazi ( who founded, shaped and developed Ottoman administration and rule ) :

    O my son!
    Now you’re Bey (King).

    From now on, wrath is for us;
    for you, calmness!

    For us to be offended;
    for you to please!

    For us to accuse;
    for you to endure!

    For us, helplessness and error;
    for you, tolerance!

    For us, quarrel;
    for you, justice!

    For us, envy, rumour, slander;
    for you, forgiveness!

    O my son!

    From now on, it is for us to divide;
    for you to unite!

    For us, sloth;
    for you, warning and encouragement!

    O my son!

    Be patient, a flower does not bloom before its time.
    Never forget: Let man flourish, and the state will also flourish!

    O my son!

    Your burden is heavy, your task hard, your power hangs on a hair!
    May God be your helper!

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