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  1. Here is the letter that Imran Khan should write to Muslims worldwide

    Dear Muslim devotees, The major threat to Islam comes from China as they send Muslims within their boarders to re-education camps and seek to turn them against Islam. Muslims the world over must convey to China that they must cease this criminal activity against our brothers and sisters immediately. Muslims in the West have become too preoccupied with the criticism of Islam that some Westerns indulge in and are ignoring the major threat to our religion that China represents. We need to understand that it is a tradition in the West to criticise all ideas. Very few Westerners pay much attention to this criticism of Islam. If we react violently to this criticism, it only serves to draw attention to it and Westerners see this not as a legitimate response to our feeling offended by those mocking or criticising Islam, but an attack on their tradition of freedom of speech. They will simply dig their toes in more to defending their right to free speech and see Muslims as a major threat, thus increasing Islamophobia. Meanwhile, the real threat to Islam, China, continues to persecute and slaughter Muslims and our brethren feel completely abandoned by us. Let us therefore focus our attention where it needs to be and pay as little attention to the Western critics of Islam as the vast majority of Westerners are doing. Imran Khan

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