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  1. Have you also quoted Ibn Uthaymeen and many other Salafi scholars who say it’s haram to live in the West?
    Islamqa and Is Hijrah Obligatory? al Madrasatu Al Umariyyah

    And then watch Surviving in a non-Muslim country by Al Madrasatu Al Umariyyah

    That should help you out.

  2. Interesting,

    Do you want to have a link to quote Ibn Utheymeen’s fatwas?

  3. If you watched the two videos I recommended, you would realise Ahlul Sunnah(Salafis) are agreed that there is rather ijmaah that it is obligatory to leave lands of kuffr to land of belief.

    As for the differences of opinion, there are two:
    1) It is absolutely haram to live in the West in any circumstance, as this infringes Al Wala wal Baraa

    The Prophet said “Whoever is close to the disbelievers then he is like then”

    2) It is obligatory to leave non-Muslim lands if one fears harm to religion, like not being able to pray, wear hijab/niqab, fast, as well as not being able to protect oneself from free-mixing and the ideologies of the disbelievers, such as evolution, feminism etc.
    3) There are exceptions for those who don’t fear harm to their religion, so it is desirable that they stay there temporarily. They are those who have learnt the shariah and give dawah.

    It’s also allowed to travel temporarily if such things cannot be found in muslim lands: surgery, medicine, education.

    There are more evidences on the topic of hijrah on islamqa, al Madrasatu Al Umariyyah and islamweb:


    Shaykh Albani finishes the doubts by saying, Is there any doubt about this? Here is a half an hour explanation by the Shaykh: https://youtu.be/vPFKbwEbB8M

    Watch Part 1 and 2.

    The hadiths are clear. Salafis are Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamaah is Ahlul Hadith wal Athar. They follow the athar without adding or distorting it, as understood by the Salaf us saleh. No room for interpreting hadiths.

    • @Ayoub

      What’s your definition of “land of disbelief”? You know there’s scholarly disagreement on what it is — because it’s a concept that was invented so that scholars could make easy classifications of certain rulings — and that for some scholars if Muslims are safe and can practice their religion in a place then it is a dar al-Islam.

      Quoting from one of your sources: https://www.islamweb.net/en/fatwa/93927/the-hadeeth-i-am-free-from-any-muslim-who-resides-among-the-polytheists

      “This narration is authentic and the scholars may Allaah have mercy upon them understood it to apply on those who are not safe about their religion”

    • Thanks Ayoub but what you’ve now clarified, It’s not necessarily or actually ‘Haram’ to live in the West as you initially stated.

      For me personally, at this point in time living in the West there is no fear like not being able to pray, wear hijab/niqab, fast, as well as not being able to protect oneself from free-mixing and the ideologies of the disbelievers, such as evolution, feminism etc…. Living in the west where I’m at we are allowed to practice our religion freely and build Islamic schools, Masjids and Dawah centres across our state… but of course things can change and I’ll act accordingly

  4. https://youtu.be/FvL2kHoBYpY

    Knowledge of Deen al-Islam is authentically received only from a person who has a valid isnad all the way to RasulAllah (saw.)

    • Saeed Fodeh is with no doubt deviant from the way of salaf. He also mispresented ibn Uthaimin in this very video. Not sure why people are listening to this fanatic.

      • As per your undoubted claim of deviancy from the “way of salaf”, you need to provide substantial evidence for the following:
        1. What is the “way of salaf”?
        2. What is the source of your knowledge of the “way of salaf”?
        3. What is the chain of authority (isnad) of this source(s)?
        4. Evidence that this isnad reaches all the way to the epoch of salaf and by extension to RasulAllah (saw.)?
        5. Evidence that this source(s) and all its isnad receiving the ijma’ (scholarly consensus) of the contemporary and post-contemporary ulama?

        As to your claim of misrepresentation, you must authentically represent with evidences before you can make this claim.

      • No discussion with fanatics and their fool followers. It is such a waste of time. The point here is that Fodeh is deviant. Many students of knowledge refuted him big time. For example, ( Al Intişār Le Al Tadmuryyiah) for the brilliant Maher Ameer. He wiped the floor with that deviant. Moreover, that deviant denied that he made big mistakes in his editing for one of Al-Razi’s books, and when he got confronted with these big flaws in that work, he denied that he is the one who edited that book while he had been bragging about that work before! What a loser!
        And it was so lame when he visited Al-Maturidi’s grave with tears while he knows that there’re disputed matters between them which reach up to takfeer. 🤮

  5. Thank you for your “waste of time” using emotional straw man statements instead of providing evidences for the epistemology of the “way of salaf”.

    And thank you for your discussion, when you wanted “no discussion”.

    • Before you leave, I want to tell you that the owner of that channel of garbage that you posted that video from is a fanatic Egyption sufi.
      Ironically, Fodeh’s opinion about Ibn ‘Arabi that he is deviant and not from ” Ahl Al-Sunnah”. 😂

      And now you have my permission to start crying and leave.

      • I apologise for my acute blindness in not being able to see any evidences to my queries on the epistemology of the “way of salaf” in your emotional outburst of a diversionary straw man response.

        I sincerely thank you once again for your “waste of time” in discussing, contradicting your policy of “no discussion”.

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