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  1. https://youtu.be/hBeqMzLz5bY

    Half-baked ideas like secularism or laïcité are being used to persecute and oppress people.

    Before anyone even mentions “secularism or laïcité”, they must objectively define what “religion” is. Without any proper objective definition of what a “religion” is, it is absurd to force people to “believe” in “secularism or laïcité”. And, no matter what (subjective) definition they come up with about what “religion” is, one can easily demonstrate that “secularism or laïcité” falls under a congruent definition of “religion”.

    In a nutshell, governments are forcing people to believe in a “religion” called “secularism or laïcité”.

  2. Freedom of speech = freedom of hates, freedom of insults

    • Does Freedom of speech and expression allow : lying under oath?
      (As the source of all meanings in a “liberal”/”secular” worldview are all subjective, hence even “oath”, “lying” and “freedom” will take on subjective meanings, varying from person to person.)

      Does freedom of speech and expression allow : the rejection/negation/non-recognition of “liberal” and “secular” values?

      Does freedom of speech and expression allow : the rejection/negation/non-recognition of the Holy Book of the nation-state, ie, the Constitution?
      (The Holy Book of the nation-state is technically forced upon every native without their prior consent.)

      Does freedom of speech and expression allow : rejection/negation/non-recognition of the artificially constructed (colonial) concept of nation-state and nationhood?

      Does freedom of speech and expression allow : the non-recognition of the Pope of the Nation-State (ie, President/Prime Minister) and the Priests/Bishops of the Nation-State (ie, Ministers/MPs)?

  3. I don’t know why some “Muslims” take matters in hands. What good is going to come from this. Why can’t we protest peacefully. if they say it’s a freedom of speech we need to find a way to use this against them. France was just looking to attack, yes attack islam. I wouldn’t be surprised if this all were set up just to have a go at Islam.

  4. Whenever I’m having a discussion or a conversation with someone if he resort to insultsthe prophet or something else, I usually tell him we are done. Once guy said to me you Muslims don’t believe in freedom of speech, I told him I don’t believe in freedom to insult the religious figures or books regardless of the religion.Some agreed with me, others called me a chicken. But I manage to walk away before I stoop to his level. Insha-Allah I will continue to do so. My point is some Muslims need to stop being emotional and do something irrational, it will backfire not just on you, it might backfire on our sisters, think labout our sisters, that’s the thing keeps me in check. I’m sorry for ranting.

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