Members of the Nazi elite expressed their sympathy for Islam. Himmler was enthusiastic about what he believed to be an affinity between National Socialism and Islam. This is ironic: today’s neo-Nazis are nearly always Islamophobes and ignorant about Islam.

“A number of members of the Nazi elite expressed their sympathy for Islam. The man who was perhaps most fascinated with the Muslim faith and enthusiastic about what he believed to be an affinity between National Socialism and Islam, was Himmler.” 1/9

“He regretted that the Turkish Muslim armies had failed to conquer Europe in the seventeenth century.” 2/9

“In his memoirs, al-Husayni remarked that most of his discussions with Himmler had revolved around the Islamic and Arab world.” 3/9

“Himmler’s views on Islam and history were shared by his right-hand man in the Waffen-SS, Gottlob Berger, who also believed in a strong affinity between Germanic and Islamic culture.” 4/9

“Hitler showed himself equally fascinated with Islam […] after the war, Eva Braun’s sister, Ilse, remembered that Hitler had often discussed the Islamic religion with her and Eva.” 5/9

“According to Neubacher, Hitler had further described Islam, in a conversation, as a “religion of men” (Männerreligion). Gendered notions of Islam— the idea that the religion was a strong, masculine, martial faith— were indeed expressed repeatedly by both Himmler and Hitler.” 6/9

“The Propaganda Ministry, in fact, repeatedly instructed the press to promote a positive image of Islam. Even before the war, Goebbels had warned the editorial offices of newspapers and magazines that any criticism of Islam was “undesirable.”” 7/9

“Finally, all of the major geopolitical writers on Islam, most notably Schmitz, Lindemann, and Reichardt, referred to alleged ideological affinities between Nazism and Islam. Schmitz explicitly mentioned anti-Jewish passages of the Qur’an.” 8/9

Source : David Motadel, “Islam and Nazi Germany’s War”, 2014 9/9


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  1. There is an interesting article about the Nazis over at the American Thinker blog.

  2. The Nazis were anti-capitalist. As is Islam strangely enough.

    This would seem to explain their hatred of the Jews.

    It seems that Hitler and his cronies believed that through a strong resurgence of the german state capitalism could be destroyed. On the other hand apparently Marx taught , like modern progressives on the left, that the nation state is an obstacle to progress and would eventually disappear. The clash was bound to happen.

    Like Germany under Hitler the Caliphate presupposes the one strong man at the top who rules with an iron fist. Who is also a warlike figure whose main job in life is to expand the territorial expanse of his power.

    Do you notice already a few similarities with Islam?

  3. Germany was Christian country

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