Pope Francis’ endorsement of civil unions for same-sex couples might very well be the breaking point for many Catholics already scandalised by his recent condemnation of capital punishment

The Catholic News Agency reports:


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  1. I saw that this morning. Not surprising in light of his other statements. A true heretic and it is a contradiction to the 1870 Papal Infallibility claim. (though they will claim it is not “ex cathedra”, which now is a bogus concept that they can always claim something was not “ex cathedra”) A contradiction to claims of ordinary magisterium and being a “living voice” on earth than can solve disunity problems and give the right interpretation of Scripture. Contradiction to “vicar of Christ”. It will be interesting to see how the RC Apologists spin this.

    Of course, we doctrinal Protestants already believe the Roman Catholic Church became a false heretical Church at the Council of Trent in 1545-1563 because of it’s condemnation of several Biblical doctrines.

    • Well, it is not surprising because christianity-in general- lacks the resistant factor. Christianity from its beginning has been a sponge for any dominant culture around it. During Roman period for example, it was and still shaped by paganism and its culture( i.e. images, idols, and holidays). During the Secular period of today, it is not surprising to be shaped with this period’s culture too.
      And christians stupidly are very proud of that and say: christianity is “compatible” with modern world’s values unlike Islām. Well, the joke is on you, christians!

  2. “Is the Pope Catholic” has become a real question.

  3. The time has come where many can literally say they are more Catholic than the Pope.

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