Julius Evola on China and the Uyghurs

The great Italian political philosopher Baron Julius Evola (died 1974) made a heartening prediction about Communist China and the Uyghurs:

“The force that will break up the regime [radical atheist CCP] eventually will be Islam.”

Source: Rev. Frank Julian Gelli, “Julius Evola: The Sufi of Rome“. Frank is well known to many Muslims in London. Though a staunch traditional Christian priest of the Church of England (yes they do still exist) he is a great friend to Muslims and implacable enemy of Islamophobes. Like me, he is an admirer of the Philosopher whose work is experiencing a renaissance. Frank writes in his book on Evola:

“‘China is desperate to stifle the Uighurs’ religion and way of life […] I have no doubt the Uighurs will not give in… They are Muslims… Islam will prove Mao’s nemesis, believe you me…”


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  1. Good luck to the Uyghurs. May they forever be a thorn in the Communists’ side.

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