Punishment for homosexual acts according to Torah.

This is very similar to Islam though there must be 4 witnesses to the act (liwat) and the punishment varies.

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  1. That is very very interesting. There are a lot of similarities with this and the strictest of the following of a Sharia court, in the sense that every possible factor can be applied to not go ahead with the punishment. That is in comparing this particular Jewish court with what can be argued the harshest of all the Sharia systems.
    Otherwise half or more than half of the whole Muslim ummah (after every possible excuse to avoid any punishment has not been ignored during a lengthy trial) would not even apply the death sentence due to the particular fiqh that comprises the majority of the jamaat.

  2. I am tempted to edit this video by muting every time a Hebrew word is mentioned and replacing the word Torah with the word Quran in the title and sending this to extremist evangelical sites along with the Tommy fan clubs just to see how they will jump to the opportunity to capitalise on this.

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