‘Catholic Integralism’ – what is it? Integralism defined in three sentences.

The Josias is a brilliant Catholic website dedicated to Catholic Integralism. It is the closest thing to an Islamic conception of the political order that I am aware of. Muslims and integralist Catholics can surely find common cause and form alliances on important political questions.

I do like the look of this well produced website. I agree with its anti-liberal and pro-tradition stance:

‘The Josias was founded by a small community seeking to articulate an authentically Catholic political stance from which to approach the present order of society. Our goal is to make this site a working manual for those who wish to bring their faith into the public square and resist the tides of liberalism, modernism, and ignorance of tradition which have, in the past century, so harmed the Church and tied her hands in the struggle to advance the social reign of Christ.’

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