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  1. I see the flag of Ireland on good side and the USSR and “Black lives Matter” on the Leftist side, but what are the other 2 flags? (one on each side)

  2. And I see the flag of the state of Texas on a shield.

  3. Ok, I see the other one on the left is the flag of Antifa.

    Now for the other – a blue and star with red at the top and looks like some kind of British Commonwealth kind of flag.

  4. Unfortunately, that pic portents of our future in the west. (unless God has mercy on us.)

    The Left has started the instigation and violence in about 30 Democrat party run cities in the USA. They are thugs and Marxists, destroying property, businesses, and killing people. about 10 policemen have been murdered in cold blood.

  5. You should add the pro-abortion flag and the LGBT flag

    • It’s obvious the artist of the picture is portraying those on the right as more civilised and heroic than those on the left. I wish it was as easy as black and white as portrayed in the picture but it’s not.
      In reality it’s much more complex than that.
      Where do we start in identifying various aspects of this picture?
      Firstly, what is the significance of having an Irish flag on the right? Ireland is clearly becoming more liberal on many aspects, it’s abortion laws are opposite to what they were, it can also be argued atheism in Ireland is becoming the mass belief taking over Christianity as it already has in Britain, gay marriage is the norm in Ireland and so on. So the present summary of Ireland doesn’t fit the right wing narrative and nor does the past summary of Ireland. Ireland in the past had more dedicated to Catholic practice and was / is hated by the pro-British pro-loyalist far right wing section. So why is the Irish flag on the right?
      More of my thoughts on this picture to follow.

  6. In my personal opinion there are wackos from both sides, but the artists here portrayed the left as fruitcakes and sanitised the ones on the right. Why not be brave enough to portray both sides as such.
    Currently in the USA (as it was with the madness when it was Trump-Hillary) the Trump-Biden election is a tough choice. Do you pick the deluded liberals obsessed about identity politics who prefer to stab you in the back on one hand or do you pick the gun-lobbying westboro baptist type nutcases and bigots on the other hand? And we in Britain and the rest of Europe are not far from that dilemma.
    God save us all.

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