Ijaz Ahmad issues grovelling apology and commits to ‘a period of quiet introspection’ – but serious questions still remain..

This scandal is not over yet.

As I wrote in a previous article: ‘Ijaz Ahmad and I were once friends back in the day. He confided to me how he kept detailed records of people he considered enemies (usually Christians): their names, full addresses, family members, telephone numbers, anything he could find. He boasted how he had a way of finding out information. Bewildered I ask him why on earth would he want to compile such a database? He muttered something about it being useful ‘just in case’ – but did not offer a clear rationale. But I was very disturbed. He was behaving like a covert intelligence officer compiling personal information on others to be used against them one day. He told me that he had highly personal data about certain well known individuals.’

What has he done with this information?


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  1. This is so NOT an apology. Lets break this down. He writes…
    “I allowed myself to respond to provocation”

    My response: What was that provocation? There has been no evidence provided from either side that Ariel provoked Ijaz by insulting his mother, as Ijaz later claimed.
    The only one who insulted anyone’s mother is Ijaz when he called Ariel’s mother a whore.

    He wrote…”I didn’t adhere to my training and my own ideals”.

    My response: What Ideals? As someone who has dealt with Ijaz for years even before he was Ijaz, I can testify that the behavior he demonstrated was and is his ideals.
    He attempted to partially dox me on this very blog back in the day. He called Hatun a “terrorist” because supposedly her brothers where murdered because of things she said about Islam and he has slandered every Christian that has come into contact with him. So I again ask “what ideals” since he has consistently used the same behavior for over a decade.

    He wrote: “I didn’t expect my words to be taken in the way they were and I did express during our conversation that this is not what I intended”

    My response: He called his mother a WHORE, he called him a WET Back, told him to F off, and then read out Ariel’s full name, city, state and phone number a long with Ariel’s sisters name, and then said “you shouldn’t worry about that you should worry about WHATS COMING Next” he said last part a few times.

    He wrote…”and this is generally what was understood by those present”.

    My response: Not sure if by “generally… understood by those present” he means that those present understood he really didn’t mean Ariel mother was a whore, and he didn’t mean Ariel is a WET Back, and he really didn’t mean to read out city, state, and phone number and full name of Ariel’s sister. As someone who has listened to the recording I can tell you that a Christian hating Jew understood Ijaz words in exactly that way and even a Muslim came up to make an excuse for Ijaz blaming some medical condition for his vileness.

    Either way this is not an apology and should be rejected by all those involved.

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  2. Sam is also abusive and hatun calls people’s mother’s whores


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