Dr Shabir Ally issues a stinging rebuke to Ijaz Ahmad ‘someone who used to work with me’ and tells him to ‘step away from his debating activities’


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  1. Well done to Dr Shabir Ally.
    I agree with Paul and really don’t understand why others involved in da’wah haven’t made a statement about this.
    If the damage is public, why not issue a statement about it publically? Surely there’s no harm in saying publically you don’t agree with the actions of the brother and advising him more thoroughly in private.

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    • It’s because of the Tribe. You don’t diss bros in public. Muslims have this in common with the Mafia and other criminal gangs.

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      • I personally haven’t seen enough of this to think it’s a pattern.
        But could it be a Western Muslim thing? Muslims are targetted more in Western countries so they might act this way? Could it be out of a misplaced concern for the image of da’wah? I don’t know. I certainly don’t see it in the Arab world.

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      • I would definitely say certain types of biased Muslims have this tribal mentality, in fact, when you saw me face to face, not just did I admit and categorically state and label certain Muslims had a tribal / gang mentality but prior to that, you was with me when I told a group of young Muslims not to have a biased (my country right or wrong type) approach. You was there when I told a groups of young Muslims (without the presence of other belief group members) “you expect white citizens to condemn the racists and the far right, you expect Jews to condemn the Zionist and the Israeli govt but don’t be two-faced by not condemning the rotten apple of Islamist extremists amongst our own communities”.


  2. @Paul

    I think its possibly due to the fact that we Muslims are supposed to make 70 excuses for our brother. But its interesting, because when it comes to Jarh and Tadeel in Hadith studies, our scholars did not shy away from rebuking weak narrators and liars openly and quite harshly. So I wonder why its different when it comes to Dawah people?

    Who knows..

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    • ‘I think its possibly due to the fact that we Muslims are supposed to make 70 excuses for our brother.’


      To the rest of the world this looks like a cult.

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      • The issue is, its one thing to defend your brothers and sisters from accusations, but its another thing to stand up for justice even if its against our own selves, and our loved ones. The Quran clearly teaches us to stand up for justice at all times. So if some of the dawah team at Speakers Corner, are associated with extremists, they should be called out for what they are: terrorist supporters and Muslims should disassociate with them. We do not need those types of people in this Ummah… give them to Ken, so he can teach them farsi and preach to them incoherently

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  3. I am not sure what the problem is about muslims when they have the concept of (brotherhood) based on Islām. It seems Paul thinks that comes on account of Justice that should be applied on the wrong doer within the fabric of Islamic community. This’s not the case. We have demonstrated that many times on this blog.
    Obviously you think this is a tribal value unfortunately. It is not!
    What are you going to say if you read 1Cor 6:1-6 then? 🙂


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