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  1. I hope Denis or Ken will educate us on whether the Trinity has 3 different consciousnesses or not.

    • lol 🙂 According to Trinitarian eisegesis – Whom interpret the Biblical text in such a way as to introduce their own presuppositions, agendas or biases, most Trinitarian polytheists identify the ‘Spirit of truth’ in John as God The Holy Spirit, the 3rd divine person of the Trinity.

      It’s interesting how the ‘Spirit of truth’ i.e God The Holy Spirit cannot speak according to his own will, rather God The Holy Spirit can only speak what he hears from what God The Father commands him to say lol…. one divine god telling another divine god what to say lol…. SMH lol…

  2. It is a sad reflection on the modern mind to pose such a ridiculous question from the dark ages.
    [Btw. you kill yourself more efficient by sealing your lips over the exhaust pipe of your running diesel 🙂 ]

  3. Denis or Ken? 🤔
    Ken= repetitive nonsensical preaching.
    Denis= intellectual dishonesty.
    I would go with the third option.

    • Greetings ᶜAbdullah

      While I am open to correction, I am under the sincere impression that thus far I have not insulted you or called you any names in any of our correspondences. If I am mistaken in that regard, please bring to my attention any instance where you may have felt personally insulted by something I wrote.

      With that in mind, it is my sincere hope that we can continue to correspond (and disagree) without making recourse to name calling or insults.

      On that note, have a wonderful day. God blss.

  4. Lol.. Initially selected 3, but went with 4 to experience some entertainment with Kenny 🙂

  5. The Trinitarian liturgical formula is central in western and eastern Christendom. What I always found qurious is why that particular formula is so important in prayers and liturgy if monotheistic? For if the triad constituents in the doctrine is refering to the one and only being and essence of God, why would it matter if a christian chose only to invoke God outside of the any trinitarian formula?
    Granted some OT figures such as Daniel was aware of a plurality within the Godhead, even they continued to invoke God by one name.

    It seems odd to insist on that. Suppose a christian only invoked the Father yet without denying the trinity. Would it be considered heretical, deviant or acceptable by orthodox christians?

    I suspect the doctrine of the atonement is an important explanation to why christians must be concious of the divine members of the Godhead. Jesus’s divinity is cardinal in this regard, no mere human can atone for the sins of others.

  6. I think consciousness is at the heart of personhood and there being three consciousnesses of divine nature to go with the three persons in the godhead is synonymous with tritheism.

  7. Can we pick 3 different options on the voting? (No pun intended)

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