These people need a good psychiatrist not ‘rights’!

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  1. It is worth asking useful questions. Firstly, what if women don’t want to share their space with men who identify themselves as women? (Hope that makes sense). What if men don’t want to share their space with women who identify themselves as men? (Hope that makes sense again). Are we going to deny the rights of the men and women in the traditional and natural sense?
    Secondly, how many trans and LGBTQ (for that matter) are truly from a working class background?
    Thirdly, is this really a class issue or is this modern day identity politics prioritised over more serious matters such as crime, homelessness, famine, global child poverty among many other vital issues and campaigns?

  2. Of course I’m all for the rights of the trans lgbt community but not at the expense or prioritised above hundreds of other major serious issues in society, domestic and international. It is no wonder the obsession and over-emphasis with identity politics above all else is driving fellow citizens to the far right.

  3. Actually they need Islam

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