Hate preacher Hatun being removed from Speakers Corner earlier today

Riot at Speakers’ Corner. Hate preacher Christian missionary Hatun detained by police. Speakers’ Corner Closed!

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  1. She needs to be thrown out of the country for good measure

  2. I have been reliably informed that extremist hate preacher Hatun will be banned from Speakers’ Corner. I’m sure most people who go there will be relieved!

  3. My very rough footage taken earlier

  4. Like the saying goes, The wheels of justice move slowly. Hopefully the wild life in the park start comming back now that the screeching has ended

  5. Hatun has been “saved” by police

  6. Speakers’ Corner has now been destroyed by extremist Christians and their provocative lies and some easily triggered Muslims who react violently 😡

    • It looked like a successful unorganized ancient protest in modern society. I though it was pretty cool. Maybe because my experience in America is more along the line of public servants in riot gear shooting tear gas and hitting people with batons. I’m sure there’s alot of other non muslim communities that can appreciate this situation if they understood hatuns agenda.

    • No more holy spirit. Maybe The Holy Spirit has turned to The Evil Spirit.
      David Wood eats Quran, Apuss (Apostate prophet) tears Quran and Hatun the hate preacher.

  7. You never comment when people make fun of the trinity which is a core believe of Christians but when Christians criticise some things of the koran, its not allowed? Double standards!!

    • Dude it’s my blog. I can do what I like. Deal with it.

    • She lost every debate, alhamdulilah

    • Everytime without exception there are debates, disagreements, mockery and challenges back and fourth between Christian and Muslims or between Muslims and atheists and so on. Do people make fun of Muslims and Islam at Speakers’ Corner? Everytime.

      Hate preaching, fascism, genocidal aims, physical vandalism of what is dear to a community, direct provocation to start violence or start riots are completely different matters, no matter who does it against whichever side.

  8. Very good. Today is my happy day, because Hatun Trash got arrested. I didn’t do anything, but someone else dealt with that stupid instead of me.

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