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  1. I agree this action is ridiculous. But why do we drag the label “left wing” in this as if it’s a headline from The Sun or Mail? It’s more to do with post modern liberalism. “Liberal fascism in action” is a more fitting heading.
    The word “left wing” has been abused by those especially from the far right and die hard Tory or Republican voters and Trump fanatics for far too long now.
    This is not the first time I am raising this on this blog. As much as I would agree and learn from Paul Williams in so many major issues, this misleading “left wing” label is where I would strongly disagree with those (otherwise) intelligent individuals like Paul Williams and Peter Hitchens.
    And yes, it makes a huge difference.
    Not all left wing are liberals and not all liberals are left wing, in fact most mainstream liberals are mostly centrist in the political and economic spectrum.
    It is also becoming ridiculous reading or hearing people label any individuals and institutions they oppose such as the EU, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, CNN, the BBC, Tony Blair, Sadiq Khan, Hollywood etc as a bunch of “lefties”. Really? Since when did they advocate socialist policies? Such as support for trade unions, renationalising our industries, opposing neoliberalism etc. Socially liberal? Yes. Economically and politically left? No.

  2. David Hume held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach and told her that ethics was based on passion rather than innate principles

  3. If we set 21st century standards for public figures from a different time and world than ours, I don’t think any of the figures would be left innocent. The norms now are not the norms then.

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