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  1. Rahimahu Allah

  2. His book Islam and the Destiny of Man gave me great peace of mind in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

    And my mom found it spiritually very helpful as well.

  3. Paul,

    Please don’t connect Muslims you know with Islam.

    Just like please don’t connect Christians with teachings of Jesus.

    If the Qur’an makes sense to you, then you are a Muslim ….being a Muslim does not mean following other Muslims around you if you see them to be not ethical…being Muslim simply means following the Qur’an.

    Don’t let Muslims**** take you away from your rope that God sent to you which is the Qur’an.

    In same way don’t let Christians take away from you what Jesus really taught…which was to love God with all they heart and mind and so on…and to be good to people

    You can explain how Muslims depart from the Qur’an just like you teach how many Christians depart from true teachings of Jesus that was obscured and at points even inverted by Paul and the those who followed Paul and even expanded upon Paul to add the Trinity

    Well in same way, Muslims may have developed certain mistaken mindset thoughts, beliefs, behaviors…you are smart…you can expose how they are deviating from Islam but don’t let Muslims make you deviate from God by abandoning the Qur’an….stay tight to the Qur’an day in, night in….

    Inshallah may you go to paradise and not just paradise but the highest levels…

    ****when I mean Muslims…I am not referring to all Muslims

    • I’m Sunni Muslim. Does that mean I’m deviated!?? Let’s have a private talk, Omar.

      • No, I don’t mean to say Sunnis are deviated.

        I am just saying that some mindsets, thoughts, behaviors, practices that have crept into *****some or many Muslims that have led Paul to see this discrepancy of the beauty of Islam that he read in Islam and the Destiny of Man and his interaction with many Muslims over many years.

        Brother Alexander, you get upset quickly…so I don’t want to go further than that.

        Peace brother.

      • Why you did not said like this in first place? Sorry for my bad behaviour.

    • ‘Please don’t connect Muslims you know with Islam.’

      The question: are Muslims in some way, for better or worse, acting on teaching to be found in the Quran and sunnah. I have reason now to suspect this is the case.

      • Paul,

        Thanks for the probative question…

        There is a substantial difference in the socioeconomic status of Muslims in Europe, including UK Muslims, and Muslims in the US.

        For example a lot of Muslims who came to the UK and Europe were on average in much worse socioeconomic status an d they have a history of racial tensions in the UK and Europe

        The following is from Wikipedia….

        “Muslim boys listen to the Koran being read in the old mosque in Butetown, Cardiff, in 1943. The Muslim community in the area is long-established.

        Muslim mass immigration to Britain began after World War II, as a result of the destruction and labour shortages caused by the war.[41][42] Muslim migrants from former British colonies, predominantly India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh,[41] were recruited in large numbers by government and businesses to rebuild the country.[43] Large numbers of doctors recruited from India and Pakistan, encouraged by health minister Enoch Powell in the early 1960s, also played a key role in the establishment of the NHS health service.[44
        British Asian Muslims faced discrimination and racism following Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech and the establishment of the National Front in the late 1960s. This included overt racism in the form of Paki bashing, predominantly from white power skinheads, the National Front, and the British National Party, throughout the 1970s and 1980s.[45] Drawing inspiration from the Indian independence movement, the black power movement, and the anti-apartheid movement, young British Pakistani and British Bangladeshi activists began a number of anti-racist Asian youth movements in the 1970s and 1980s, including the Bradford Youth Movement in 1977, the Bangladeshi Youth Movement following the murder of Altab Ali in 1978, and the Newham Youth Movement following the murder of Akhtar Ali Baig in 1980.”

  4. You will see a much different view of Islam in the US when a higher percentage of professionals and those with more education migrated to the US. Of course there is also a large African American population who converted to Islam and I am not comparing them but I am just comparing Muslims in Europe whose parents, grandparents, etc. came to Europe compared to immigrants in the US.

    A second factor is the Salafizatoin….

    You have to read the erudite works of Khaled Abou El Fadl who has expertise in education and training both in traditional Islam from Al Azhar but also from academia.

    Please see


    He explains how Salafis have massively distorted Islam from its inherent beauty in Quran and Sunnah to something else….

    I am not trying to bash Salafism…every sect notices some aspects and is good at certain issues…Salafism has done much contribution in finding innovations in Muslim societies but they have done so with a tribal superficial mindset

    Paul, you have to keep in mind the many billions upon billions upon billions of dollars that the corrupt Saudi Kingdom pumped into Muslim world to distort Islam so as to help it politically but also to satisfy the religious clergy in Saudi Arabia who allied themselves with the Family of Al Saud. The clergy in Saudi Arabia come from the Al Shaikh family who come from the Riyadh area…the Riyadh are now is a big city…but it has always been a waste water…just barren desert and tribes…so that tribal mentality has taken control of the Islam that is being projected and you are seeing more of the tribalism than the Islam of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

    Another scholar you really would love to read is Adis Duderija

    I am not saying you would agree with all he says…but you would find his research a treasure trove…and he demonstrates how Salafis distort Islam…through their presuppositions…that are not necessarily in the Qur’an…

    He has 109 publications…



    Adis Duderija is currently a Visiting Senior Lecturer at the University Malaya, Gender Studies. He received his Ph. D in 2010 from the University of Western Australia. He is the author of Constructing Religiously Ideal ‘Believer’ and ‘Muslim Woman’ Concepts: Neo-Traditional Salafi and Progressive Muslim Methods of Interpretation (Manahij), Palgrave, 2011. His other publications can be found on the tabs above.

  5. Paul,

    Please understand that what you are seeing in Muslims is a lot due to their reactions to their particular socioeconomic experience and the dogmatic ideology that is being pumped in from Saudi petro dollars and the politics of resentment from the tragic and unfair wars against Iraq and the War on terror and so on.

    Charles Le Gai Eaton say Muslims with grievances due to colonialism but he did not see all that you might be seeing with religion of Islam being used as a vessel for identity issues and so on.

    You need to ask this question to Abdal Hakim Murad….I am sure he can explain it to you very well.

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights Omer, appreciate it.

  7. Omar, thank you for your kind words.

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