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  1. Thanks Paul,

    History is an essential subject for people who are religious to learn so they can understand to a greater degree how their ways of thinking and practicing is refracted partly due to historical events and counter reactions to those events instead of flowing straight out of pages of scripture.

    The degree to how much history they learn and especially the degree to how much they learn history from academic experts rather than polemical activists will produce light in which they can study what may be some of the ways of thinking and practicing from refractions.

    • “The very name Israel means: One who struggles with God. As opposed to Islam: One who surrenders to God”.
      The etymology of “Israel” is not really certain. However, the usual meaning of theophoric names constructed this way is that God is the subject of the verbal stem employed. So assuming the verb s-r-h means “contend” it should be translated as “God contends”. Similarly, the name Ishmael, from the stem sh-m-a’ does not mean one who hears or listens to God. Rather, it means God hears or listens.

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