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  1. Very good. Incest is against all religions and including Islam. If they would be in a Muslim country, they would be certainly lashed one hundred times for committing Fahisha and extramarital sex(zina). Because, Islam does not accept such immoralities!

    How can anyone with sound of mind would do this kind of crap!?? Not even me as a Sunni Muslim would not approach this kind of immorality, because Quran have strong warnings for those who approach such immoralities.

  2. According to Bible they should put to death. I think they are not Christian but atheist, no sins for atheist they could do everything they want, even incest is okay for them. If they can legalize same sex marriage why can’t they legalize incest or at least permissible? Or maybe in the future they would do it.

    They already legalize:
    – Alcohol
    – Gamble
    – Porn
    – Adultery (Common law marriage)
    – LGBT/Same sex marriage
    – Weed

    Next? Incest.

    You can guess which country would be destroyed by Jesus when he came back to earth and they call themselves Jesus follower.

    • That’s not Prophet Jesus’s job to do. He’s job when he will return, he will call Muslims to Jihad so the battle between Antichrist and the son of Mary will begin, but by the will of God, we will defeat the Antichrist and then Islam will be finally established over all the world and then there will be no more terrorism and corruption.

      In Islam, all these things are not permitted and never will a Islamic State(not to be confused with ISIS) will ever allow such things.

  3. Paul,

    When you closed the comments on the last post. Did you do that because I bothered you with something?

  4. How did you sent me the link? Seems like I got learn more about wordpress so I can know how to invite someone to contribution

    • I just went to WP Admin, then Users, then Invite New.

      • If I want to make my own forum for having discussion, how do I do this? Also, I want to to make a window(a sory of password) so whenever someone wants to take an article from me or wants to join the chat, then he is asked the following questions
        1. Who’s your Lord?
        2. What is your religion?
        3. What is your book?
        4. Who’s your Prophet?

        And if he answered them and then I’ll receive the answer and see if it is correct or not, if it is correct, then I’ll let him, if it is not, then he is rejected. However, if you want to seek permission for entry, you can give me email and we can discuss what you need and so on so I can determine if you’re not a troll or not, and so I can determine if you’re true Muslim or not. Because, I don’t want people to come here and use the same references.

        Can this be done? If yes, how can I do these things?

      • this is above my pay grade i’m afraid.

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